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The Life and Death of Elmo

Well, Elmo is dead. Gone to Toys R Us heaven. We have had Elmo since my firstborn was just a few months old. It was probably one of the most annoying toys, but its matted, dingy red fur brought joy to all three of our boys. Well last weekend, he met his maker at the hands of our baby boy Joshua (or as we like to call him, Baby Hulk). Elmo was drowned in either sink or toilet water. We have no idea which one. His once loud, vibrant voice has now been silenced for all of eternity.

Joshua is quickly approaching the "troublesome threes" and seems to want to exit his "terrible twos" in grand fashion. He has been into EVERYTHING! I have gone through this twice before and I didn’t think he could do anything to top his brothers. But (as he so often does) he proved me wrong.

Raising toddlers can sometimes feel like the equivalent of a scene from the movie Gremlins. They start off cute and cuddly like Gizmo and the next thing you know there is chaos and mayhem all around. (Well at least at my house, it's like this!) You have to keep your attention on them because once they are out of sight, you can be sure trouble is near. I spend most of my time saying "Joshua, put that down! Joshua, don't lick that! Or Joshua, get out of the pantry!" In just the last few weeks, he has had a dislocated elbow, played in toilet water, flushed a block down the toilet, and threw his toys into the washing machine.  Not to mention, he has literally turned my walls into his personal canvas. Now add to all this, the fact that he doesn't sleep completely through the night. Let's just say, I find myself calling on Jesus many, many times during the day. (Gee, I hope the Lord doesn't roll his eyes every time I call him, like I do when my boys' call me.)

By the end of the day, I am tired and worn out. I often feel like throwing in the towel. (Hey, why not? There's a whole basket of towels that I neglected to wash that day anyway. What's one more?) Somewhere, within all of this exhaustion, I am looking for any glimpse of affirmation of my parenting skills. Just maybe, I didn’t screw up my kids today.

But then, I am reminded that even in my weakness, God is strong. He continues to show me grace each and everyday. He is patient with me. He loves me. And in that same way, I need to show some grace, patience, and love to my lively and curious toddler.

So thanks, Elmo. Your time here was not in vain.

Elmo Crowe 2010-2019
Elmo survived 8 1/2 years with not even one battery change. But he could
not survive an uncontrollable force named Joshua.
He never saw it coming.


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