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Making Time with God Priority

Yesterday, our pastor's wife, shared a wonderful testimony on how much of a blessing her time alone with God has been for her. Her encouragement to make that time priority was also conviction for me. I haven't been making that time a priority lately and it shows. It shows in how the fruits of the spirit are displayed in my life. It shows in my interactions with my family and others. It shows in how I handle circumstances in my life. So for me, to hear her talk about this particular subject, was God's way of giving me a kick in the pants.

That brings me to this morning. My chance to start afresh! By the way, I have started over many, many, times in my life. I can't count how many times I have tried to have a consistent study life, only for it to fall by the wayside after a few days. Honestly, I am not even sure how this fresh start will go. But I am going to go for it anyway. Even if I don't necessarily want to or feel like doing it. Time with God is a MUST! No matter how many times I fail, God still wants to have those moments with me.

In preparation for my study this morning, I grabbed my study bible, a journal, colored pencils and some coffee. I had the essentials. This should be easy right? Wrong! Within a few short minutes, anxiety had set in. I was lost as to what to study and where to start. I wrote in my journal:

"I don't know what to study…".

After minutes of sitting there, it finally came to me on what to study. I had tried unsuccessfully to study Romans previously and I felt led to try again. I continued writing in my journal:

"OK, so I think I will go back to Romans. I really wish I had someone to go through this book with. I am too nervous to ask someone. Accountability seems scary! It seems like a lot of pressure. But it's important and it's needed. I am a really shy person so it's very hard to reach out and ask. Like, I am really fearful at this moment-- to the point of tears. So that probably means I need to just reach out."

It was at this point that I just broke down in tears. I called my husband downstairs to share with him what I was feeling. He gave me some encouragement and practical advice and prayed for me. (I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have a spouse that is willing to cover you in prayer!)

Fear was setting in. I was fearful of failing again. Fearful of not doing it right. Fearful of reaching out to others. Fear of being alone in this walk.  But I decided I was not going to let fear get in the way of my time with God. My desire to know God is greater than fear!

So I prayed and began to read Romans. And God began speaking to me through His word. Reading the scriptures stirred up so many emotions in me. So much so, that I drew a chart of emojis describing the whole emotional process lol.

I am no artist by any means. I just love emojis. 😄

The bottom line is this. Personal time in God's word is NECESSARY on your journey with Christ. It's how we get to know Him and His character. It’s how we discover our identity in Him. It is a time where we can share our heart with God. It's where we can be reminded of his promises. Let's make Him a priority!


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